The powerful BIM object solution
to keep your projects moving.
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Manage your online library 
from any device and business tool,
for an efficient design work.

Over 138 183 BIM objects
available for your projects.

  • Eric Pruvost
Eric Pruvost

BIM Transformation Plan Director at SYSTRA

"Onfly is an ecosystem of objects, models, guidelines, data and processes, to satisfy the requirements of a project or organization, and build a thoughtful result."

  • Simon NG
Simon NG

BIM Director - China State Construction Hong Kong

“I am excited to see Onfly aligns with our vision of object management, information management and supplier management. It is a single platform that manages BIM contents and brings my team to another level of BIM practices."

  • Melle Schoordijk
Melle Schoordijk

BIM Director at ENGIE Services Nederland NV

“A shared BIM library provides data consistency in any downloaded object. This is important as consistent data gives us the opportunity to integrate it into any other process or workflow and ensure seamless collaboration. Content reliability through Onfly helps to automate our processes and gain in productivity”

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The ultimate BIM content
management system

Onfly gives you access to all your data. Collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers from different softwares.

Boost your BIM team productivity

  • ⏱  Save designers from time-consuming product content searches
  • 🌙  Have access to centralized content at any time

Make smarter decisions

  • 🌎  Easily shareable BIM knowledge
  • 🏙️  Select and manage the level of project information

Be connected to the single source of truth

  • 🏭  Easily access all manufacturer’s information
  • 📚  Collaborate with suppliers and BIM partners around your library

Onfly offers


Improve productivity and centralize your content

  • ✅ Content management
  • ✅ Web app
  • ✅ Revit, Rhino, AutoCAD plugins
  • ✅ Object library
  • ✅ International classifications
  • ✅ User management


Improve quality and harmonize your data

✅ Includes Boost offer
  • ✅ Data management
  • ✅ Custom classifications
  • ✅ BIM&CO library
  • ✅ Properties manager
  • ✅ Properties set


Improve efficiency and collaborate with all your team

✅ Includes Smart offer
  • ✅ Sub library
  • ✅ Partner role
  • ✅ Additional features
  • ✅ Analytics
  • ✅ Single Sign On (SSO)